Thursday, May 30, 2013

10 Fun iOS Apps That Improve Kids’ Vocabulary

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May 30, 2013
Issue #122
Summer’s here, which means that now (or very soon) the kids will be free from the clutches of school for a long stretch of vacation. But there’s no reason that you can’t encourage some independent learning to keep their minds from turning to sludge, especially with a little help from an iPhone or iPad. These 10 fun and engaging iOS apps will expand your kids’ vocabulary and leave them talking like a scholar in no time.
Playing Blip Blup, a decidedly sleeker, more interesting, and modern puzzle game, it’s hard not to have Windows 3.1 flashbacks. Here you also have tiled grids that – when touched – send out a pulse wave that expands from your finger tap outward, sending color in every mappable direction.
A free-for-all battle to turn virtual pebbles your way with kung-fu-like speed and precision, Bam Fu is best played on a full-sized iPad laid flat between a few friends, although you could get a decent two-player experience on an iPhone.
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Different Drummer really lives up to its name: It’s a drummer, alright, but it’s radically different from any other iOS beat machine – or most plugins we’ve ever run into on the desktop.
Fancy yourself a comic book fan? If you've always dreamed of weaving together your own comics and image-heavy stories, but don't have the motivation (or ideas) to pursue the real deal, Halftone 2 for iPad can scratch that itch and then some.

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