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5 Days of Email Etiquette: Write Better Emails

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Write Better Emails
Heinz Tschabitscher
From Heinz Tschabitscher, your Guide to Email
Emails are not just form and format, they also offer content and, hopefully, contentment. Here are some tips for the latter two. Now that you're read to write perfect emails, our short course comes to an end. Maybe time to look back (if you have missed a lesson, you can have it sent to you; look at the bottom of this email for a link), certainly time to explore more netiquette tips and communication skills at .
Write Better Emails
Be Careful with Irony in Emails
No, really! I mean it. Honestly!

Keep Emails Short
Do not intimidate recipients with too much text.

Talk About One Subject per Email Message Only
Help make the world less confusing. Try to talk about one subject per message only. For another subject, start a new email.

Use Bullet Points for Readability in Emails
Bullet points make your emails
  • easier to read and
  • easier to answer.

The Right Tone
Wondering "How to Put That in Writing", Write "That"
Tell it like it is. Have you notices how people who you understand perfectly well when you listen to them become cryptic when they start writing?

The Problem with Using Dialect, Slang and Jargon in Emails
Ouitch prawlem? (The problem that you are so difficult to read.)

How to Start, How to End
Do Away with Titles and Names in Emails
Dear Ms., Mrs. and Mr. Reader, fortunately, emails can often do without titles and names.

When in Doubt, End Emails with "Thanks"
If you don't know how to say good-bye at the end of an email, there's one thing that will almost always be appropriate. Thanks.

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