Friday, May 31, 2013

About Digital Music: Getting Bored With Your iPhone's Ringtone?

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In this week's edition of the Digital Music newsletter:

  • Getting Bored With Your iPhone's Ringtone?
  • Digital Music Gift Ideas.
  • MP3 Player Safety Tips.
  • The History of Digital Music.

Getting Bored With Your iPhone's Ringtone?

The iPhone already comes with a selection of built-in ringtones so that you can easily change the sound when someone calls. But, unless you have a decent selection of alternatives on your phone, things can get a bit boring don't you think? You can of course purchase new Tones from the iTunes Store, or download free ones from the Internet. If you're creative, you can also make custom ringtones (in the M4r audio format) using... Read more

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Digital Music Gift Ideas

Shop stress-free by consulting this guide to some of the best digital music gifts. Whether your buying for a friend, a family member or even yourself, this font of information will give you time-saving ideas. Read more

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MP3 Player Safety Tips

The MP3 player makes it possible to listen to music practically anywhere, but there are times when you should think about how you listen to music to stay safe. Listening to music as you cross a busy street for instance is an obvious danger, but there are other situations that you might not be aware of. Read more

The History of Digital Music

Have you ever wondered where and how it all started? Read on to gain a fascinating insight into a revolution that changed the way we listen to music forever. Read more


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