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About Email: How to Access Yahoo! Mail in Gmail

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How to Access Yahoo! Mail in Gmail

In November 1904, omnibuses started driving from Oxford Circus in London out to Cricklewood and back again. The 12-seaters were not the first motorized buses in the city; they were, it seems, the first, though, that came with a motor and but a single, permanently enclosed, deck.
About that time a limerick appeared that... oh, what's that I see over there? A bus full of emails by the dozen from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail?
›› Use your Yahoo! Mail in Gmail. With a Yahoo! Mail Plus account, here's how to set up Gmail to download new messages and let you send new mail (and replies) using the Yahoo! Mail address.

Lily Pads - Free Email Stationery Download and E-Card

Lily Pads - Free Email Stationery Download and E-Card"I took a catalog and picked au petit bonheur (any old how). That's all."
Said Claude Monet about how he filled the pond in his Giverny garden with plants. This proved more than little bit of luck, of course, for us marveling at one of Monet's paintings of the pond and in it the water lilies.
Writing of lilies in water:
›› The water lily's blooms are huge and beautiful, just like this stationery bedecked with a white water lily's bloom and leaves. (Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Outlook, Outlook Express)

Create Folders in Windows Live Mail or Outlook Express

Weights made ancient Greek long-jumpers leap farther, but what about the flutes?
Apollo's Pythian flute-song was apparently piped while athletes competed — or warmed up, at least. The rhythmic song, reasoning goes, helped coordinate and divide the three or possibly five (the long jump was part of the pentathlon after all) successive yet individual jumps.
Now, if you want to divide and coordinate emails, here's a tune to make Windows Live Mail jump in the right direction:
›› If your Inbox is full of mail in Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail or Outlook Express, set up folders to organize mail, get rid of stress. Here's how to do it.

How to Access in Sparrow for Mac

"There once was an old man who said, 'Damn!"
begins a limerick dated to the year after the first motorized and permanently enclosed omnibus assumed its service in London's streets carrying passengers between Oxford Circus and Cricklewood,
"It is borne in upon me" (the poem continues) "that I am
An engine that moves
In determinate grooves.
I'm not even a bus, I'm a tram.'"
With these, Maurice Evan Hare's lines in mind, how about veering out a bit and laying a track from to Sparrow for Mac?
Would that, well, groove?
›› Want Sparrow on your Mac's desktop to download from and send through Here's how to add a account to Sparrow for Mac.


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