Monday, May 27, 2013

About Entrepreneurs: Marketing Tips for Micro Budgets

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From Amanda McCormick, your Guide to Entrepreneurs
As we wrap up a month of marketing, here's one of my favorite subjects -- marketing on a shoestring budget. Be sure to share your ideas in the comments!

Marketing Tips for Micro Budgets
A lot of people make the mistake of thinking marketing is only to be done when you have a little extra money to burn. Not at all -- you can't... Read more

Could Tumblr Work for Your Business?
Tumblr a good marketing vehicle for your business? Until recently, I was rather skeptical myself. But I've gone to a few presentations and gotten to see the unstoppable power of the... Read more

Developing More Social Media Influence Through Great Content
OK, are you ready to craft a content strategy to help grow your business? I have great news for you! We've got you covered with the second part of our two-part... Read more

Business Networking for Entrepreneurs
Networking is an essential skill for most business people, but especially for entrepreneurs. The strong association between the entrepreneur as a person and his or her business demands that entrepreneurs get out into the world and create and maintain business relationships.


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