Monday, May 27, 2013

About Today: All French All The Time

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From Bob Schulties, your About Today Editor
It's French time here at About headquarters. That means I'm building an Eiffel Tower out of sugar cubes, walking around with a baguette (it's a hero sandwich), and riding my scooter around the office. I'm first to every meeting.

Learning French Isn't as Hard as You Think
I know a couple of French phrases, but I rarely have a chance to use them. Surprisingly, there aren't many reasons to recite lines from Frère Jacques in everyday conversation.
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How to Fake a French Accent
I'm not gonna lie to you, mon cheri. This hasn't gotten me out of going to jail. Or, Le Prison. Can't do it? Fake it!
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What's Juicy Inside But Seared Outside? Chateaubriand!
It's more like chateaubri-yum, amiright? Does this look better than what you're cooking tonight?
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Top Paris Tourist Attractions
I've been to Paris and I absolutely loved it. What a great culture, what a beautiful city, and what warm people. And I was in some buildings older than the United States! That really blew me away. What to see in Paris.
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