Friday, May 31, 2013

About Today: Breaking Bad Habits

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From Bob Schulties, your About Today Editor
I was going to list all the habits I need to break, but I thought I could make this a little more positive and focus on the things I already do well:

Worst Marriage Habits
Bad habits often sneak into a person's routine when they are married. My friend Dan got a lot of grief from his wife for being a slob. I recently sent a note to Dan and he sent it back with a ketchup stain. It was an email. Maybe his wife is right.
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Improve Sleep Habits in Children
While it's true that little kids will fall asleep even if you do nothing, proper sleep hygiene habits can make everyone a lot happier. What is sleep hygiene?
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Love Habits You Need to Break
Search Related Topics:  getting over your ex  self esteem  breaking up

Break The Minimum Payment Habit
Minimum payments to credit cards should be illegal, or at least everyone should have to take a course before getting a credit card. If you only pay the minimum when your credit card is due, you could be paying that bill for years. Years!
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