Wednesday, May 29, 2013

About Today: Movies, Books, Music: The Stuff of Summer

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From Bob Schulties, your About Today Editor
Oh, great. Lists of wonderful things I'll never have time for.

The Comedies of 2013
Breaking news to show how popular I am: just last week, Will Ferrell was filming his movie just a block from my home! Apparently his blue leisure suit was strutting all over the block. Anyway, long story short: Will and I are buddies.
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Best Books for the Beach
Mrs. Bob goes through books like I go through pizza, beer and then more pizza. Which is why her IQ (and my cholesterol) is so high. What are you reading this summer?
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Watermelon Slim Returns
I'm not exactly sure why I've been getting into the Blues lately. Currently nothing in my life is getting me down other than a back-breaking mortgage payment. "Oh, lawdy, how I ended up on the wrong side of compounding interest..." Watermelon Slim sings the Blues.

Sailing on the Seas
This just in: some people like to do things outside during the summer. I don't know...doesn't sound safe to me. I'll just stay inside where I can keep my feet in a bucket of ice water while I change light bulbs. Is sailing fun?
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