roses210412From the captivity of depression to the prosperity of ambition. You really need to read this from A TO Z:

I was reading my daily chapter of Al Mulk and subhan Allah this verse always stops me and makes me repeat it many many times. This time here are the meanings that came to mind:

One of the formulas for success is this simple yet powerful deep verse from the Quran that says:
"Say, "He is the Most Merciful; we have believed in Him, and upon Him we have relied." That's it, that's one more formula you add to your arsenal one of the primary pillars of success.

First "Say He is the Most Merciful" He forgives you for your past, He forgives you for your mistakes and He forgives you for who you are so in turn that's forgiveness of yourself, He will forgive you, so you should better forgive yourself for all of your past if you have regretted it already, if you have tasted the bitterness of your mistakes, if you have felt the pain then that's enough, the Most Merciful forgives you, so forgive yourself for your past and do not hold on tight to it. It will all vanish, all the pain will perish. That's the first part towards letting yourself fly towards success, the first step is to forgive yourself because even better the One who created you, the Most Merciful forgives you, He loves to and He loves you.

Second "we have believed in him" now that's something profound, that's something just so deep, that's something words cannot explain. We have believed in him. You believe in His power, you believe in His infinite wisdom, you believe in His ability to bring you from darknesses to light, from failure to success, from captivity of thoughts, emotions and feelings to freedom of well being, happiness, tranquility and abundance. Believe in HIM, Believe in His promise, don't believe in your negative thoughts, don't believe in your self doubt, don't believe what you tell yourself that you are incapable of, don't believe what others tell you , you cannot. The Creator said,"I am as what my slave thinks of me", "so if he thinks of Me positively then the outcome will be positive and if he thinks of Me negatively then the outcome will be negative."

You cannot control what thoughts come into your mind, but you can control what thoughts you believe, what thoughts you fight and what thoughts you let loose. BELIEVE IN HIM NOT IN YOURSELF! Major mistake that is taught in self-development and self-help books is the notion of "trust yourself", "believe in yourself" you should NEVER EVER rely on yourself not for a blink of an eye, because simply yourself is unreliable, you don't know its limits, you don't know how you will react in adversity, you don't know what accident will turn you from positive person to a negative pessimistic person. Rely Always upon the one who created yourself and keep asking him to make you steadfast and firm in the face of calamities if they strike by being patient and optimistic, and keep asking him to make you steadfast and firm in the face prosperity by being humble and not unleash the reign for your ego.

Third "and upon him we have relied" now that's where ACTION IS. You forgave yourself, you believed in Him and in His promises, now it's time to act as if failure does not exist, now it's time to act as if success is inevitable. Not "as if" but IT REALLY IS inevitable. Just DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO whatever it is that you think is right just make sure you are in the DOING mode. Once you do these three ingredients to this equation then watch the movie of your life turn around, expect surprises that will WOW you and drop your jaw, expect excellence of yourself that you have never thought possible.


- Yazeed Talodi