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Outlook Express Tips You Can Use: Handle Email More Efficiently

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Handle Email More Efficiently
Heinz Tschabitscher
From Heinz Tschabitscher, your Guide to Email
So much email, so little time! Fortunately, a small folder here, some filters there can make the email life a lot more efficient.
That won't stop the deluge of junk mail, though. But fret not. We'll have a special lesson dedicated to getting rid of spam (which, incidentally, will also help you organize good mail -- by filing it automatically).
Next week: how to spice up your emails with stationery.
File Mail Automatically
Create Folders to Organize Mail
A folder for mom, a folder for dad, a folder for...
If your Outlook Express Inbox is full of mail, set up folders to organize mail and easy email stress. Here's how to do it.

Filter Mail from a Certain Sender Easily
Your automatic filing assistant:
It's easy to create a new rule from an existing message in Outlook Express. Here's how to use this feature to file all future email from the same sender to a special folder, for example.

Highlight One Sender's Mail Automatically
You're so green, Susan...
Here's how you can make Outlook Express highlight mail from a certain sender automatically using a specific color.

Read it Security-Consciously
Hide the Preview Pane
Message preview considered evil:
Disable the message preview pane in Outlook Express to avoid getting worms or viruses by just browsing messages.

Open Blocked Attachments
Open the files people send:
Prevent Outlook Express from preventing you from opening and saving email attachments.

Get New Mail Intelligently
Access a Hotmail Account
The better Hotmail:
Use Hotmail with the power and comfort of Outlook Express. Here's how to access your Hotmail account from Outlook Express to send, receive and archive mail in your Hotmail account.

Change the New Mail Sound
The mail! The mail is here!
Make Outlook Express announce new emails your way by changing the sound they play for this event.

Keep Mail at the Server for Several Days
The implicit email backup
Combine the advantages of having Outlook Express leave a copy of your mail at the server with a minimized risk that your account gets clogged up with mail.

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