Thursday, June 20, 2013

10 iOS Apps for Minecraft Fans

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June 20, 2013
Issue #125
Minecraft is a global phenomenon spawned from a very simple indie building game. It has wowed critics and players alike across multiple platforms – including the most robust version on Mac (and PC) and a streamlined iOS release – via a LEGO-esque creation vibe tinged with zombie survival mechanics, all within a blocky 3D world of infinite permutations. In the process, it’s spawned a cottage industry of apps and games for people looking to get more out of the experience. These 10 iOS apps are sure to please anyone entrenched in all things Minecraft.
Like its predecessors, Gangstar Vegas takes many of its cues from popular open-world action games like Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row, offering plenty of story-driven missions and a large setting to explore.
Quadropus Rampage manages to leap that particular hurdle with relative ease, though the touch screen interface does keep the controls from feeling particularly on point.
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Montessorium's "Intro" apps have always struck a keen balance between education and entertainment, but its latest entry, Intro to Colors, might be the best to date. With a vivid, interactive interface inspired by the Montessori color tablets, Intro to Colors just might turn your child into the next Picasso.
No stranger to online games, Zynga is the latest developer to throw its hat in the mobile MOBA market with Solstice Arena, a free-to-play title that provides the ideal balance of portability and strategy without skimping out on what makes the style of play so fun to begin with.

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