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6 Foods for Men’s Health, Digestive Relief, Benefits of Carrots

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Monday 06/17/2013
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Simple Steps for Men's Health

Following a healthy lifestyle is important for all of us, and the general advice for healthy living applies to both men and women equally. As we age, however, gender may play a larger role in the health issues we experience. For men, in addition to staying flexible to help prevent falls and keeping your prostate healthy through diet and monitoring, a healthy weight is important. Research shows that, among men who are overweight to any degree, losing five to 10 percent of body weight can significantly improve your health and minimize the risk of inflammation, diabetes, osteoarthritis and heart-related health issues. You can help achieve a healthy weight by reducing your daily calories by 25 percent per day, exercising regularly, eating an anti-inflammatory diet and practicing stress-management techniques. Dr. Weil on Healthy Aging can help: we have over 300 anti-inflammatory recipes, in-depth fitness advice (including how-to videos), and mind-body techniques you can practice anywhere to help minimize unhealthy stress. Start your 14-day free trial to learn more!

Cooking with Dr. Weil
Using Enokidake Mushrooms

Prized for their tonic effects, mushrooms can help address a host of illnesses, and enokidakes are a prime example. They provide not only a pleasing taste and texture, but health benefits as well. These ivory-colored, long-stem mushrooms with a sweet and nutty flavor are nutritional wonders - a compound in enokidake called flammulin has shown significant anti-tumor activity and it provides immune-boosting qualities. They are delicious in soups, salads, stir-fries and for added flavor in broths, and are best used fresh. Clean your enokidakes by scrubbing with a dry, soft brush before cooking, then prepare them with the stems attached or diced; for salads, I suggest blanching in boiling water for 30 seconds so they don't become mushy.

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Seasonal FoodSeasonal Food


An excellent source of antioxidant compounds, carrots (Daucus carota) are among the richest vegetable sources of beta-carotene, important for healthy vision (beta-carotene helps slow the progression of macular degeneration, helps prevent cataracts and promotes night vision). These familiar orange root vegetables are powerhouses of nutrition: there are more vitamin A precursors in carrots than almost any other vegetable, and they have high levels of biotin, vitamin K, vitamin B6, vitamin C, thiamine and potassium. Carrots also provide a significant amount of dietary fiber. A member of the same family as parsnips, fennel and dill, carrots come in red and purple, as well as the common orange variety seen in most groceries.

Food as Medicine
Help for Digestive Concerns

If you suffer from occasional indigestion, constipation, gas, irritable bowel syndrome or other digestive complaints, simple lifestyle changes can help. In addition to stress management, regular exercise and prudent supplementation, consider these dietary modifications: drink plenty of water throughout the day to help keep digestive systems running properly (drinking fluids after, rather than during, a meal may help minimize symptoms of indigestion). Work your way up to consuming at least 40 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber a day, including whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Try ginger, either as a tea, candied or pickled, or consider taking 500 mg of ginger root extract after meals. And be sure to avoid spicy foods - they can irritate the digestive tract and trigger indigestion.

TipTip: When buying carrots that have green, leafy tops still attached, cut off the tops before storing - the leaves will leach moisture from the root and cause premature wilting.
6 Foods for Men's Health
1. Watermelon. Besides being a low-calorie, antioxidant-rich treat, watermelon is a good source of the carotenoid lycopene, which may help reduce the risk of prostate and other cancers.
Checklist 2. Whole soy foods. Eat more whole soy foods. Asian men have a lower risk of BPH and some researchers believe it is related to their intake of soy foods.
Checklist 3. Soluble fiber. Research indicates that men who eat plenty of soluble fiber have a lower risk of prostate cancer. Heart-healthy fiber can be found in whole grains and beans, but fiber from fruits and vegetables was shown to be the most beneficial for prostate health.
Checklist 4. Barley.  A low-glycemic-index grain, barley has been shown to be helpful for a variety of health issues, including diverticulitis, gout and high cholesterol.
Checklist 5. Pomegranates. Studies suggest pomegranate fruit and/or juice may help prevent or alleviate heart disease and atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, prostate cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Deep-colored fruits such as cherries, blueberries, raspberries and deep-colored vegetables all offer antioxidant benefits.
Checklist 6. Tomatoes. Another good source of lycopene, which researchers have linked with a lowered risk of heart disease, decreased cholesterol levels, and possibly a lowered risk of prostate cancer. Men can get the full health benefit of tomatoes by eating them lightly cooked and paired with healthy, monounsaturated fats such as extra virgin olive oil.


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