Thursday, June 6, 2013

8 Apps for Healthy Meal Planning

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June 06, 2013
Issue #123
Everyone agrees that eating healthy is important. Problem is, it can be really hard to do, especially if you have a busy life. One of the secrets to making healthy eating work for you is to have a solid plan in place. That way, when you’re driving home from work and the McDonald’s drive-thru is calling your name, you can avoid the temptation. Whether you’re an accomplished cook or a restaurant regular, these eight iOS apps can help you make a plan and stick with it through the cravings.
When you begin a game of Stickets, the emptiness of its 5x5 grid is a vast expanse of possibility. You have four shapes, all L-blocks made up of three squares each. These squares alternate in color between three set tones, with the palette randomly ordered.
The basic idea of Musyc is that you have graphic objects that can be sound sources, or things that change the way the sound objects interact in a boundless canvas, with some limited physical properties (like gravity).
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Much like playing Dungeons & Dragon and other classic tabletop RPGs, diving into Warhammer Quest feels immediately familiar. Navigating your party through each top-down dungeon grid is a turn-based affair full of surprise encounters and gripping battles.
World War Z for iOS may not feature Brad Pitt or focus on specific events in the upcoming film adaptation of the bestselling novel, but it does create the ideal environment for drawing you into the apocalyptic world envisioned by author Max Brooks. Unlike most movie tie-ins, World War Z is more than interactive propaganda, and will please both fans eagerly awaiting the film and gamers looking for a solid mobile action shooter.

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