Monday, June 17, 2013

About Cell Phones: Cell Phone Security

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From Russell Ware, your Guide to Cell Phones

Cell Phone Security
Following a slightly frustrating conversation with a friend about the merits of locking my phone, I am wondering how many smartphone users out there actually use the many security options... Read more

International Data Packages
Have you ever been caught out by roaming charges for using mobile data when travelling abroad? With summer vacations being planned all across the country, carriers are looking forward to... Read more

Shazam on Windows Phone
Shazam, the incredibly popular music identification and discovery app has finally made its way on to Windows Phone 8. Available for free from the Windows App Store, Shazam lets users... Read more

Software and Apps for Your Smartphone and Cell Phone
Chances are, you want to use your cell phone or smartphone for more than just making calls. There are tons and tons of free and paid apps that can help you do everything from checking e-mail on the go and editing office documents to managing your music and video files.


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