Monday, June 24, 2013

About Cell Phones: Unmissable Android Apps

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From Russell Ware, your Guide to Cell Phones

Unmissable Android Apps
Having just put together a list of some of the best Android security apps currently available, want to know if there are any more app lists you, the readers, want... Read more

Before You Root
Rooting is the process of gaining privileged root access to the Android operating system on your phone. If you are careful and follow rooting instructions, there is little danger to... Read more

Galaxy S4 Number Five!
Amazingly, there are now five different Samsung Galaxy S4's to choose from. These range from the Google version of the S4, which features a vanilla version of the Android operating... Read more

Cell Phones - The Basics
Before we forge on with what's out there now and why one phone, plan or accessory might be better suited to you than another, we first cover what cell phones can do and all the other basics you need to know.


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