Thursday, June 13, 2013

About Desktop Publishing: Double Trouble in Page Layout?

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From Jacci Howard Bear, your Guide to Desktop Publishing
In the grand scheme of things, Comic Sans, a few typos, and a small dose of ransom note design isn't all that life-threatening. But in our day-to-day life little details do make a difference.

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Seeing Double
Repetition is a valid principle of design. But doubling up on the text isn't necessarily a good thing as I discuss in this mini-rant on pull-quotes and captions.

Don't Use Double Hard Returns
You've got that fancy page layout software. Why are you using it like a typewriter?

Duplex It (the Fancy Double)
Double-sided printing can save paper and money and of course if you print your own brochures and newsletters you definitely want to double up with duplex printing.
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Back-to-Back Booklets
Here's a handy chart for when you're trying to impose pages for a booklet.
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