Thursday, June 20, 2013

About Desktop Publishing: Patterns By Design or Accident

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From Jacci Howard Bear, your Guide to Desktop Publishing

Combining patterns can be an art or a happy accident. Sometimes it works. Other times, you just get dizzy. In a recent mini-makeover of my bathroom I layered on the patterns in a common color scheme. You'll often see lots of pattern layering in scrapbook layouts. However, moire patterns are one way that patterns can go wrong or weird.

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That Moiré Monster
You never scan photos from books or magazines so you don't worry about moiré patterns, you say? Well, do you make videos or take photos with a digital camera? While a change of clothes (yes, really) might eliminate some instances of moiré, that's not always the cause or the cure. Get acquainted with the reasons for moiré patterns and how to fix 'em.
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Lines That Lead
Lines can create patterns. Depending on thickness and spacing and value or color a series of parallel lines create movement, leading the eye up or down, left or right, or possible trapping it in a moving sea of line patterns. See how these lines line up.
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Pattern Textures
Textures are often repeating patterns of lines and shape in nature or those we create ourselves using lines, shapes, and shading. Some textures consist of a regular pattern of shapes such as the squares in a straw mat or irregular shading that mimics the folds in a piece of silk fabric. Explore 4 basic ways to create texture, including using repeating patterns.
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Repeating Patterns
"Readers gain comfort from having patterns repeat themselves at consistent intervals or in the same position." Repeating Elements for Page-to-Page Consistency
"Repetition of the same words, the same or similar patterns, and similar colors helps create a pleasing and cohesive composition." Repeating Colors, Patterns and Shapes, and Words
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