Friday, June 7, 2013

About Digital Music: Father's Day: Choosing the Right Music Gift

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In this week's edition of the Digital Music newsletter:

  • Father's Day: Choosing the Right Digital Music Gift.
  • Napster Music Service Rolls Out Across Europe.
  • Setting up to Digitize Your Audio Tapes.
  • Free Music Catalog Software.

Father's Day: Choosing the Right Digital Music Gift

Is your dad a 'gadget man' or technophobe? This is a question worth asking yourself if you're considering a digital music gift for Father's Day this year. If you've got a dad who has already embraced the digital music world and has a song library, then buying him extra credit is always a no-brainer. Or, is your dad the type who prefers to do it his own way? Maybe he wants to... Read more

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Napster Music Service Rolls Out Across Europe

If you thought Napster had all but faded away since Rhapsody International acquired it from Best Buy, Inc. in 2011, then you'll be surprised to hear about the latest announcement. According to a press release via Rhapsody's blog, the Napster music service is now available in 14 additional countries across Europe. For a while now, the service has only been available in the United Kingdom and Germany. Napster has now launched in... Read more

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Setting up to Digitize Your Audio Tapes

Have you got some old music tapes that you'd like to transfer to your computer as MP3s? If so then the first thing you'll need to ensure is that you've got all the equipment necessary to make it happen! In this primer on digitizing audio from cassettes tapes, we'll take you through the initial steps necessary in identifying all the components you'll need. Read more

Free Music Catalog Software

If you archive your digital music to CD, DVD, or other types of storage, then it can be really frustrating trying to find a particular song. Even though software media players make it easy to locate songs within a scanned library, this doesn't cover archived music that can be in various locations. Find out about some of the best free cataloging software in this toplist. Read more


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