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About Email: How to Have SaneBox Save Attachments to Dropbox

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Have SaneBox Save Files to Dropbox (and Delete from Emails)

Beethoven leaped up from a chair his face covered to the eyes in white foam. He embraced the student who had just stepped in and pressed his cheeks firmly against the visitor's.
When the welcoming procedure was over — Ries, the student, had been away for a while after all —, Ries sported all the lather on his cheeks; on Beethoven's remained none.
Looking for an elegant way to get rid of foam, lather and other attachments, too? SaneBox has one to offer:
›› Want to archive emails and sometimes their attachments, too — but not in the same place? SaneBox can save incoming files to your Dropbox automatically, and you can have it remove the files from their email messages, too, optionally linking to the documents at Dropbox.

How to Get New Email Alerts for VIPs, Inbox, Smart Folders, More in Mac OS X Mail

Claude Monet took the train.
It was April 5, 1883, and the occasion was not altogether happy; neither was it, alas, wholly unfamiliar to the painter. The family of ten — Monet with this two children and Alice Hoschedé with her six (one of whom, Suzanne, is known as the woman with a parasol, of course), had been expelled from their home in Poissy.
Monet's train ride proved quite a bit of bonheur and luck. Looking through the train's window, he noticed — Giverny. The family would find a home and garden there, and Monet a pond for which to pick flowers from a catalog.
Want to ensure you notice the flowers of emails that come your way? OS X Mail can be alert and notify:
›› Don't want to be annoyed with constant email announcements and still be a alerted to important messages? Here's how to set up Mac OS X Mail so it will notify you of all new mail, the inbox, messages from contacts or VIPs, or mail collected in a special smart folder.

How to Delete a Contact from Gmail

For some 3,300 years, the chiseling done meticulously on the walls of Egypt's temples and shrines had worked: the pharaoh was forgotten.
Today, we know about Hatshepsut and her reign from around 1479 to 1458 B.C.E., of course, but for quite some time her name had been deleted from history's contacts registry. Now, on somewhat smaller a scale — in Gmail —, one can delete contacts' names, too; you need not pick up a chisel or hammer to do it even (though, I guess, you might):
›› Want to get rid of a contact erroneously entered? Need to clean your address book of client details now kept elsewhere? Here's how to remove an email address from your Gmail contacts.

From the Archives: AutoReply - Replies for You
AutoReply - Email Auto-Responder
For years, it had been nothing. Then, somebody said it contained 29 gear wheels.
Today, the Antikythera mechanism is seen as a fascinating little automaton, a machine that calculated for its Ancient Greek owners the circles of the moon and solar eclipses' dates.
Speaking of automata, here's one that will reply to incoming emails for its owner (that'd be you):
›› AutoReply is an easy to use, but quite powerful autoresponder perfect for holiday auto-replies, for example. (Windows)


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