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About Email: See New Gmail Messages in iOS Notification Center

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How to See New Gmail Messages in iOS Notification Center

George Pólya, surely one of the most quoted mathematicians, put into the mouth of the traditional professor of lore instructions for dealing with differential equations:
"In order to solve this differential equation, you look at it till a solution occurs to you."
On iPhone and iPad, you do not have to look at the Gmail app till a new email's arrival occurs; you can get notified instead:
›› Have new messages in your Gmail account pushed into easy reach on iPhone and iPad — even without distracting alerts. Here's how to set up the Gmail iOS app to use Notification Center.

Bee's Father's Day - Free Email Stationery and E-Card

Bee's Father's Day - Free Email Stationery Download and E-CardBee fathers have big. eyes. They are about twice the size of bee workers's eyes — and two times a bee mother's, too. At the top, the eyes touch even.
Now, on Father's Day, the (worker) bee children have big eyes as well, of course, from eager anticipation:
›› The bees are busy celebrating dad. (Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Outlook, Outlook Express)

How to Control the Amount and Kind of Email You Get from Facebook

A zebra crossing with lights is, of course, a pelican.
Where pedestrians cross the street on white stripes when (and possibly only when) a green light shines (or blinks at the least), they use a pelican ("pedestrian light-controlled") crossing. If you want to control the flow of emails from Facebook, you can operate its metaphorical green and red lights:
›› Getting too much mail from Facebook? Here's how to set up Facebook to send you only the email notifications you want to receive.

How to Access in Sparrow for iPhone

Herbert von Karajan conducted five times when Beethoven's Ninth was recorded in a studio. (Including live performances, recordings may number about a dozen.)
Not one of the studio recordings is longer than 69 and none shorter than 66 minutes.
In every case, that's more than a compact disc (CD) prototype from 1978 with 115 mm in diameter would hold (60 minutes) and, fortunately, less than the format eventually chosen (for maybe just that reason) could stomach — 74 minutes on a 120 mm disc.
Now, whatever the connection between Beethoven, Karajan and an audio CD's capacity, you can connect your email accounts to Sparrow for iPhone; they should fit:
›› Get and send mail using your address with the speed and convenience of Sparrow for iPhone. Here's how to add as a POP email account to Sparrow for iPhone.


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