Friday, June 14, 2013

About Home Theater: How Internet Providers Limit Video Streaming

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From Robert Silva, your Guide to Home Theater
Welcome to the Weekend Edition of the Home Theater Newsletter! Macroblocking and Pixelation are two types of artifacts that can make make TV viewing very comfortable - find out what they are and how they can be eliminated. Also, find out how internet service providers actually restrict how much you can stream. In addition, if you are still looking for a Father's Day, Graduation, or June Wedding gift, check some ideas in my featured product lists at the bottom of this newsletter.

Macroblocking vs Pixelation
Have you been watching a TV program, minding your own business, and suddenly see a bunch of small squares magically appear on your TV screen? No, you aren't having a psychedelic experience, you have simply encountered the macroblocking effect. Find out what macroblocking is, and what the difference is between macroblocking and pixelaton, in my article Macroblocking and Pixelation - Similarities and Differences.
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Fair Use - How Internet Providers Limit Your Video Streaming
Now that you are streaming online videos to your network media player, media streamer or networked TV, you may be using more than your monthly internet data limits. Many internet service providers, under the label "Fair Use", will charge you or limit your internet speeds if you exceed your internet usage allotment... Read more.

Man of Steel Movie Soundtrack in 11.1 Channel Surrond Sound
The newly released Man Of Steel: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD provides a unique opportunity for purchasers of the limited deluxe edition, as not only do you get the CD version of Hans Zimmer's musical score for the upcoming Summer Blockbuster, but you get an access code to download the Z+ Music app to a compatible iOs device (Android compatibility coming soon). The app allows you to play the entire soundtrack in 11.1 channel surround sound using any set of headphones (even earbuds!)...Read more
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ESPN to Discontinue 3D Channel
Citing a lower than expected 3D TV adoption rate, ESPN (which is owned by Disney) has announced that it will discontinue its 3D sports channel by the end of 2013. ESPN will be shifting its resources to the pursuit of 4K UltraHD, which provides four times the resolution of 1080p (it must be noted that ESPN currently "broadcasts" in 720p resolution). Although this is a setback to the 3D cause...Read more
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