Tuesday, June 11, 2013

About Home Theater: Marantz Announces New SR Series Receivers

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From Robert Silva, your Guide to Home Theater
Welcome to the Weekday Edition of the About.com Home Theater Newsletter! Just when I thought all the new home theater receivers for the coming year had been announced, along comes Marantz with a trio of great entries. Also, do you know what a powered speaker is? Find out what you need know. In addition, whether a TV or other home theater component, don't forget that special Father's Day Gift.

Marantz Announces SR Series Home Theater Receivers
Marantz (which is part of D+M Holdings) has just announced three new receivers in its higher-end SR line, the SR5008, SR6008, and SR7008. All three receivers feature minimal, but stylish, front panel designs, and provide seven channels of amplification, two subwoofer outputs... Read more. Photo © D+M Holdings

What Are Powered Speakers? - Question of the Week
There a lot of options for playing back streamed music from a network media player, media streamer, or portable device, such as iPod or iPhone. One convenient way is to connect your device to a powered speaker system instead of a stereo or home theater receiver. Find out what powered speakers are and how you can use them with a streaming audio device.

Where to Find Legally Available TV Shows and Movies Online
You got that new Smart TV, Network-enabled Blu-ray Disc player, or Media Streamer, and now have access to a bunch of streaming TV and movie content. However, with so many services available, how do you find the TV shows and movies you want to watch? How do you know what services provide TV shows and which ones provide movies, and which ones provide both?...Read more
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Toshiba 39L4300U LED/LCD Cloud TV - Product of the Week
TVs come in just about every conceivable screen size these days, and the latest option is 39-inches. One good example of a 39-inch TV is the Toshiba 39L4300U, which is part of their new Cloud TV series... Read more
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