Tuesday, June 18, 2013

About Home Theater: Vizio's New 80-inch TV and More...

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From Robert Silva, your Guide to Home Theater
Welcome to the Weekday Edition of the About.com Home Theater Newsletter! If you are looking for a really big TV, Vizio may have one for you. Also, read my review of an affordable speaker system from Fluance. In addition, find out why you should check your Dailymotion and what you need to know about DRM.

Fluance XL Series 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System Review
Fluance is one of the growing number of manufacturers that has taking the direct-online sales route. Their XL Series 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System is designed to provide a surround sound experience for those on a budget. To find out if the Fluance XL Series 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System is represents a good value, read my Review and check out my supplementary Photo Profile. Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to About.com
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Vizio M801d-A3 80-inch LED/LCD SmartTV - Product of the Week
Following up on the earlier announcement of its 2013 line of M-Series LED/LCD TVs, Vizio has announced that the largest set included in the series, the 80-inch M801d-A3, is now available for purchase. The M801d-A3 is not only the largest LED/LCD TV that Vizio has offered to consumers so far, but is one of the largest TVs available...However, the 80-inch screen size and stylish edge-to-edge design isn't all that the M801d-A3 has to offer...Read more. Image provided by Vizio.
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Get Your Dailymotion!
Internet streaming is becoming more popular with each purchase of a Smart TV, network Blu-ray Disc player, and media streamer, resulting a growing number of consumers logging into Netflix, Vudu, HuluPlus and a host of a additional content streaming options. However, although the above services get a lot of publicity, Dailymotion is actually the world's second largest video site, and you may not be familiar with it...Read more
Search Related Topics:  internet streaming  smart tv  720p

What is DRM? - Question of the Week
It is well-known that copy-protection is a main part of the video landscape that prevents consumers from copying commercial DVDs and VHS tapes, and from recording a growing number of TV programs, but it doesn't end there. Copy-protection also affects the ability to play and copy music streamed from the internet. All this falls under the umbrella of Digital Rights Management (DRM). Find out what DRM is and how it affects your ability to access music and video content.
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