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About Las Vegas Travel: 100 Days of Summer in Las Vegas

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From Zeke Quezada, your Guide to Las Vegas Travel

Summer means long days at the pool and the uncomfortable feeling of realizing that you should have used more sunscreen as the day wore on. Next time, for every drink a new application of that sun block. In order to help you keep your Las Vegas summer in control I have come up with a few suggestions on how to have fun in and around the Las Vegas strip this summer season. Everyday throughout the summer I'll give you an idea of what you might want to do to have some fun in Las Vegas.

100 Days of Fun This Summer in Las Vegas

If you can't wait for a daily suggestion you can just go in and find what you want to do and then ignore the rest of my suggestions. If you happen to have a few wise choices of your own feel free to send them to me. Maybe I'll include them at the end of the summer when everyone else in the country is looking for sweaters and everyone in Las Vegas is still sitting by the pool.


77 Places To Eat Cheap in Las Vegas

Eating is what I do when I'm not drinking or getting a massage or sitting by the pool trying to chat up a server in the name of research. I can eat all day and all night and I have very little discipline when it comes to knowing when to stop. Of course that helps me when I need to come up with a huge list of places that you can eat at that will not empty your wallet. I chose 77 because 7 is not enough and 777 would have my mid-section dropping below my knees.

77 Cheap Places to Eat in Las Vegas

Pizza, burgers, hot dogs, pasta and a few places that you would never consider cheap. I didn't include happy hours, but I could have and ordering a salad and water are not really my idea of cheap but they might be for you. Most of these selections are not fast food and you can get some real meals at most of these restaurants. The most important point to remember is that Las Vegas has plenty of cheap food options and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Go ahead, start eating!

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Visit The Neon Museum in Las Vegas
neon museum
Nostalgia works great for me and Las Vegas is long on memories but often can be short on holding on to those memorable places. The Neon Museum however is doing it's very best to make sure that some things are preserved and if you take a tour of their Neon Boneyard you'll see the past up close and in great detail. Neon signs and bright lights are synonymous with Las Vegas and this collection of once forgotten artifacts are displayed in an outdoor museum that is great for history fans. The guided tours come complete with knowledgeable guides and plenty of photo opportunities.

The Neon Museum in Las Vegas is open daily with guided tours at select times. The summer season now include nighttime tours to avoid the midday temperatures.


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Where You Should Go In Las Vegas?


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