Wednesday, June 19, 2013

About Online Business / Hosting: Cheap Domain Names: 6 Buying Tips

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From Bryan Haines, your Guide to Online Business / Hosting
Buying domain names are easy. Getting the right one is not always that simple. This week, learn how to choose the best domain and how to get the best deal.

Cheap Domain Names: 6 Buying Tips
There are lots of places to buy a cheap domain name. But before you make that purchase, you should check out these six tips. You'll choose a better domain and... Click to continue
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The 10 Cheapest Domain Name Registrars
Domain names range in cost from "free" to $35 or more per year. Google the term "cheap domain name" and you'll get 11,700,000 results. That many domain registers is a little hard to sort through, isn't it? Click to continue
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How to Choose the Right Domain Name
In this Q&A, Brad Pineau (DomainHole) explains how to choose a great domain name and how his (free) app can help create an awesome domain. Click to continue
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What Is A Domain? What Difference Does It Make?
Learn about your domain and why it makes such a big difference to your blog/site. Click to continue
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