Monday, June 17, 2013

About Portable Electronics: Universal Soldier: The Auris freeDA Bluetooth Receiver Review

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Universal Soldier: The Auris freeDA Bluetooth Receiver Review
Since the advent of the iPod, speaker docks for Apple devices have flourished in the market. It's certainly a great development for folks who are fully invested in the Apple... Read more

Rock Me Amadeus: Rokform RokDock Review
A lot of things guys do or like sometimes don't make sense. I mean, ask any girl. For the most part, we usually like our TVs bigger, our contraptions beefier... Read more

New Old School: iHome iBT4 Rechargeable Bluetooth Boombox Review
The advent of smartphones didn't just create a generation of folks forever facing downward as they busily tap their little touchscreens. It also led to the proliferation of Bluetooth accessories... Read more

Kids Electronics
Not all portable electronics are for adults. A growing number of companies like Disney and Hasbro are developing MP3 players and the like with children in mind.


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