Wednesday, June 26, 2013

About Small Business Information: Using Technology to Do More

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From Alyssa Gregory, your Guide to Small Business Information

I love technology. In fact, I admit I have been called a "techie geek" on more than one occasion (a major compliment!). The truth is, technology can be a small business owner's best friend. It can help you work more efficiently, find more customers and save money while doing it.

This issue of the newsletter will help you discover how technology can help your small business become more profitable and productive.

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Top 12 Low-Cost Technology Solutions for Small Business
Technology can help you work more efficiently while reducing your expenses. Here is a high-level look at 12 areas where technology can help your small business become more profitable and productive... Read more

33 Ways to Use Technology In Your Small Business
Here is a collection of ideas that will help you use technology in your small business to do more with less and help you become more efficient and versatile. Not tech-savvy? Don't worry. Many of the ideas below include links to articles that will help you get started, quickly and painlessly... Read more

5 Ways to Use the Cloud in Your Small Business
This article outlines some of the ways small businesses can use the Cloud. Review this list and how it applies to your business as you explore how the Cloud can help you use technology to do more with less... Read more

How to Create a Mobile Office for Your Small Business
Technology gives small business owners the ability to leave their home or business offices behind and create mobile offices so they can work from anywhere, at any time. Here is some advice for creating an operational mobile office that allows you to work from anywhere... Read more
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