Friday, June 21, 2013

About Today: Why Don't I Have Any Friends?

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From Bob Schulties, your About Today Editor
I wondered why I didn't have any friends. So I asked people that know me, commute with me, live with me, pass me by on the street, have sold me coffee, or work with me. Other than those folks, no one can explain it to me.

Seriously, Where Are The Friends?
It's not so much that I don't have any friends. It's just I get outranked by "I'm tired" or "I just wanna clean my gutters." Maybe they really don't like me?
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Reasons You Don't Have Any Couples Friends
You either hate the husband or the wife, right? So when I do find a couple where both are awesome, I assume they are robots. And they're going to get me.
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When Friends Exclude You
My friends are so lame they schedule their vacations at the same time so we can't all go together. Unless... WAIT A MINUTE!

Are You Desperate for Friends?
I have so few friends that I have to take Mr. Peterson with me everywhere I go. Which wouldn't be so bad, but when we go to pick up chicks, he just eats them. Bad, Mr. Peterson, bad!
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