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About Wii Games: Game & Wario Reviewed

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From Charles Herold, your Guide to Wii Games

This week I review Nintendo's mini-game collection Game & Wario. I also ponder what would happen if Nintendo radically changed it's approach to consoles.

The only other news this week is that owners of New Super Mario Bros. U can now purchase the downloadable add-on, New Super Luigi U. I'm not actually going to review this for the same reason I didn't review the Mario Bros. game; I simply hate Mario Bros. 2D platformers - every one of them - and thus can offer no perspective on how this one compares to the other million or two. Early reviews are good, though.

I've got an appointment with Nintendo to check out some of their upcoming games, so expect a couple of previews next week.

Game & Wario Reviewed

Nintendo has put out their second mini-game collection for the Wii U, and like the first, Nintendo Land, it's a mixed bag. Is there enough good in it to make up for the not-so-good? Find out inmy review of Game & Wario.

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An Alternate Route for Nintendo

With third party support weak, people are increasingly emphasizing how Nintendo's own games can sell the Wii U pretty much single-handedly. This got me to thinking; what if Nintendo focused entirely on that? I decided to follow that line of reasoning and came up with an article:The Nintendo-Only Box: If Nintendo Consoles are All About Nintendo IPs, Why Have Anything Else?

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