Monday, June 24, 2013

Alleged 'iPhone 5S' Prototype Reveals A7 Chip, Dual LED Flash, Larger Battery

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June 24, 2013
Issue #265
Happy Monday!

Have you seen the purported iPhone 5S photos that have been making the rounds today? The shots show what appears to be a new A7 chip inside the device, plus a dual-LED flash next to the camera lens on the back. While a better processor comes as no surprise, the full jump to an A7 could mean a more significant power boost than normal, and the new flash could mean better pictures in low light. Check out for the full story.

While you're there, do yourself a favor and read our review for the iOS version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown (otherwise known as Your New Addiction). Also, find out how to customize Terminal to make working with it less daunting and ugly.

Have a great week!

Chris Slate
Editor-In-Chief, Mac|Life

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The Apple news space has been abuzz lately with photos of supposedly leaked parts from the upcoming "iPhone 5S," and today MacRumors essentially confirmed many of the associated rumors when it posted photos of an iPhone 5S prototype acquired through the Chinese parts network. It may not provide any of the design shocks that we saw when Gray Powell lost his iPhone 4 prototype at a bar back in 2006, but it does give us a good idea of what to expect.
The Terminal puts extremely powerful commands right at your fingertips, but many people are turned off to using the Terminal due to its look. That's why in this Terminal 101, we'll be talking about increasing the readability by changing preferences. In the Terminal, you can control things like background, font color, font size, and even the font type. All of these things enable you to customize the Terminal to your reading preference.

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There was never any real doubt that 2012's turn-based strategy darling XCOM: Enemy Unknown would be a good fit for iOS. Its isometric battlefields, uncomplicated menu-driven controls, and methodical turn-based pace all practically screamed for a touch-based interface. The only question was what it would look like once it got there—and now that it's here, we can say it's lost impressively little in the translation.
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