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Are You Tough Enough for This Extreme 18-Minute Workout?

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Are You Tough Enough for This Extreme 18-Minute Workout?
Blasting fat has never been simpler — if you can handle this challenge.
Ever seen a photo of Mark Wahlberg's old home gym? It was loaded. Reportedly, the space was 2,500 square feet, with 18-foot ceilings. It housed racks of dumbbells, weight plates, preloaded barbells, and a variety of benches. There was a catwalk with cardio machines and a regulation-size boxing ring right in the middle of it all. Oh, and a full-size basketball court just outside. Plus, a massage table. (Naturally.)

Now, it might be tempting to think, If I had access to all that stuff — at my home! — I'd have a six-pack, too!

But the truth: You don't need Mark Wahlberg's gym to get Mark Wahlberg's abs. And we've just proved it with the all-new Abs Diet Extreme Workout, designed by Men's Health fitness advisor B.J. Gaddour, C.S.C.S.

The awesome routine came about when we asked Gaddour a simple question: How do you design a cutting-edge fat loss workout that requires very little equipment and maximizes every second of your time?

His answer: the “dumbbell complex.” This forgotten training technique was first brought to the United States in the 1980s — when the top Romanian weightlifting coach, Istvan Javorek, defected to America. And it's genius. That's because it allows you to get in the toughest workout of your life using just a single pair of light dumbbells. An extreme workout, if you will. In fact, all you need is a pair 15- or 20-pound dumbbells. Click here to learn more.

How does it work? You do three exercises, back-to-back-to-back, for 30 seconds each without resting. Then you catch your breath and dive into another complex. Your fat will melt, your muscles will burn, and your metabolism will go into overdrive. And this workout is so intense that you'll start out by doing it for just 18 minutes!

Ready to try it? Then check out the Abs Diet Extreme Workout, available exclusively on Men's Health Personal Trainer. When you sign up, you'll get a complete 12-week program that provides 24 different three-exercise complexes — along with a personalized Abs Diet nutrition plan.

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Push your abs to the extreme
The Best Diet for Your Abs!

When you sign up for the Abs Diet Extreme Workout
, you'll get full access to the world-famous Abs Diet. Only you won't have to guess what to eat. Each day you'll receive a customized menu, including recipes and perfect portion sizes that have been carefully designed based on how, when, and what you like to eat. Don't like what's in store for you that day? Choose from hundreds of alternatives — or save your favorites. It's that easy! With this cutting-edge program, you can:

Personalize Your Menus
Hate broccoli? Don't have the ingredients for a particular recipe? No problem. Search our database of thousands of foods and meals to find easy substitutes!

Print Out Weekly
Shopping Lists
Use the link at the top of your meal plan to generate a list of all the ingredients you'll need to follow the week's menu. Just print it out and take it with you to the grocery store!

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