Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kick diabetes out of your life by June 25!

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Kick DIABETES out of your life in as little as 14 days
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If you like the word FREE as much as I do, listen to this:

You can be FREE of belly fat, unwanted pounds, drugs, finger pricking and glucose monitoring, and worry about your health.

Diabetes Defense Diet is an extraordinary, new, scientifically backed, no-drug approach to preventing and curing diabetes.

It's based on breakthrough research that uses FOOD to replace medicine: Scientists found that when people with type 2 and prediabetes ate certain foods, their WEIGHT DROPPED, their BLOOD SUGAR IMPROVED, and in some cases they were able to be COMPLETELY FREE OF MEDICATION.

All this and more is waiting for you in the 96-page book Diabetes Defense Diet — yours FREE when you subscribe to Prevention!

When you get your copy of Diabetes Defense Diet, you can instantly …

Switch to the cooking oil with the nutrient shown to shrink fat cells by 6.2 percent. See page 20.

Take a nice, big bite of the sandwich with the nutrient that burns body fat and thwarts genes that trigger inflammation. See page 21.

Snack on a handful of the only nut with nutrients that can make your waistline smaller and your heart healthier, all at once! See page 20.
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Millions of Americans turn to Prevention every month for smart ways to live well. Get your free trial issue now and soon you'll have news like this at your fingertips:

Easy, practical steps to keep your heart healthy. Sleep sounder. Look younger. Build stronger bones. Ease joint and back pain. Eat healthier. Unleash powerful home remedies. And more.

Try it for an issue and cancel if you decide not to continue. You keep the big 96-page reference guide Diabetes Defense Diet plus the free trial issue of Prevention.
Reverse Diabetes with a Supermarket Soup? Outwit Extra Pounds with Tacos? Banish Belly Fat with Peanut Butter? Rebalance Blood Sugar with Fig Cookies? The safe, simple, proven solution to diabetes and prediabetes is an ASTONISHING “NEW” DIABETES MEDICINE — IT'S FOOD!
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