Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Make Compost by June 26!

Get the Dirt on Compost!
At Organic Gardening, we’re often asked: What’s the ONE best thing I can do to make my garden grow better this year? The answer is easy — COMPOST!
Make Compost in 14 Days is your one-stop reference guide that'll give you predictably wonderful results season after season, year after year! It's yours FREE when you subscribe to Organic Gardening! Open up your FREE gift and you'll find:

WHY SHOULD I COMPOST? Compost will help prevent disease and increase your garden's yield! You can save money AND benefit the environment by composting instead of buying fertilizer!

HOW DO I MAKE COMPOST? Nature creates it all the time, and so can gardeners! Your FREE gift will show you the basic formula for creating “nature's gold” and provide you with a “no-no” list of items that should never be added to compost.

DO I NEED SPECIAL EQUIPMENT? No, although it can help your composting operation. Follow the simple steps in Make Compost in 14 Days to find (or build!) the best compost bin for you!

HOW CAN I USE COMPOST? With your FREE gift, you'll learn how to tell when your compost is finished, where to use it, and how much to apply!

Why am I going to send you this gift?
Make compost in a few simple steps and reap the rewards!

Because I'd like to introduce you to Organic Gardening — the magazine that is celebrating 70 years of helping smart gardeners grow great crops without chemicals!
Click here for your FREE gift and you’ll also receive a FREE trial issue of Organic Gardening!
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Your big, colorful issue is overflowing with expert guidance! From choosing the best flowers, shrubs, trees, fruits, and veggies to arranging them for spectacular effect, you'll see how to get great results without chemicals!

Plus, you'll get ingenious advice to safely control weeds and pests … build super-fertile soil … and grow and prepare a wide variety of vegetables at the peak of flavor.

Don't miss out on this offer to enjoy a healthier, more beautiful garden with the best-tasting veggies you've ever eaten!

Happy Gardening!
Kelly Jennings
Organic Gardening
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