Monday, June 3, 2013

► The Makkah Clock Tower From Mount Nour (Location of the Hira Cave) and Other Featured Art & Quotes:

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The Makkah Clock Tower From Mount Nour (Location of the Hira Cave)


Muslim Show: Good Deed and Bad Deed Icebergs


Dua for Detachment

Translation: My Lord, decrease our our attachment to this worldly life and its transitory joys, and provide our hearts with faith in Your promise and longing for Your Paradise.


The Enduring Good Deeds


Consider the meaning of the Enduring Good Deeds (this name is mentioned in the Quran and the Prophet peace and blessings upon him said it refers to four dhikr phrases):

SubhanAllah: Limitless is Allah in His Glory.

Alhamdulillah: All praise is due to Allah.

La Ilaha IllaAllah: There is no deity besides Allah.

Allahu Akbar: God is the Greatest.

Tasbeeh (saying of SubhanAllah): Extolling the purity of Allah from everything that does not befit Him.

Tahmeed (saying of Alhamdulillah): Demonstrating the perfection of Allah in His names, attributes and deeds.

Tahleel (saying La Ilaha IllaAllah): Dedication of the heart to Allah in His oneness and purify from associating partners with Him.

Takbeer (saying Allahu Akbar): Demonstrating the greatness and majesty of Allah and that nothing is greater than Him.


Imam Hasan al-Banna on Islamic vs Science

"Islamic principles may be evident or uncertain, as are pure scientific principles. The evident principles of the two classes will never conflict; that is, it is impossible for an established scientific fact to contradict an authentic Islamic principle. However, this may happen if one or both of them are uncertain. If one of them is uncertain, then it should be reinterpreted so as to remove the contradiction If both are uncertain, then the uncertain Islamic principle should be given precedence over the uncertain scientific notion until the latter is proven." —Imam Hasan al-Banna


Quran 53:32


Limitless is Your Glory

Translation: Limitless is Your glory O Allah, and all praise is due to You alone.


Prophet Muhammad on Praying for Forgiveness

Translation: The Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah upon him, said: "Abundant good will come to those in whose record of deeds many prayers for forgiveness are found."


Quran 19:67


Boonaa Mohammed: We are a nation of sinners

"We are a nation of sinners, not a nation of angels, so be kind to the people because everyone is struggling with something." —Boonaa Muhammad


Shaykh Omar Suleiman Quote: Do for others what you…

"Do for others what you want Allah to do for you." —Shaykh Omar Suleiman


Quran 91:1-10


Quran 59:1 – Surat al-Hashr

Translation: Everything in the heavens and on the earth glorifies God. He is the Almighty, the All Wise.


Quran 15:46

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