Sunday, June 2, 2013

► O Allah (Dua Animation) and Other Featured Art & Quotes:

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O Allah (Dua Animation)

Translation: O Allah, make me self-sufficient with Your halal provisions so that I am needless of what You have prohibited, and with Your favor make me needless of everyone besides You.


Quran 2:186

Translation: Then surely I am near.


When Going Through a Hardship (Saad Tasleem Quote)

"When going through a hardship, if you turn to Allah and push yourself to be patient, sooner or later you'll see how that hardship was actually a blessing." —Saad Tasleem


Quran 8:24


Makkah Night (Painting by Kamel Baksh)


Athan Words Animation

Translation: God is the Greatest, God is the Greatest. I bear witness that there is no deity besides Allah. I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Rush to prayer. Rush to success. God is the Greatest, God is the Greatest. There is no deity besides Allah.


Yasmin Mogahed: The things that you chased

"We will be asked, "what did you love most in this world? What did you spend life doing? What did you run after? Will it last? The things that you chased, will they last? Will they help you, or will they hurt you when the illusion of this life has passed?" —Yasmin Mogahed


When My Servants Ask Thee Concerning Me… (Quran 2:186)


Quran 71:10

Translation: and I said: "'Ask your Lord to forgive you your sins - for, verily, He is all-forgiving! ~Prophet Nuh peace be upon him in Quran 71:10


Salutations Upon the Prophet (“Peace Be Upon Him”) Calligraphy

Translation: Peace and blessing of Allah upon him (Prophet Muhammad).


La hawla… Dhikr

Translation: La hawla wala quwwata illa billah: There is no might nor strength except through Allah


Sins to be Erased

Translation: It is sad that we know saying subhanallahi wa bihamdihi (limitless is Allah in His glory and all praise is due to Him alone) a hundred times would cause our sins to be erased, and yet we don't repeat them.


Sayyid Qutb on Prophet Ayyub’s Prayer (Quran 21:83)


Prophet Ayyub here doesn't go beyond describing his condition: "I have been afflicted with great distress" (Quran 21:83), and describing his Lord by His attribute: "And you are the most merciful of those who are merciful." And then he doesn't pray for his situation to be changed, patiently enduring his hardship, and does not make any suggestions to His Lord, out of respectfulness and reverence for Him. Thus he is an example for the patient servant; his heart doesn't become distressed in hardship, and he doesn't become restless when he suffers the distresses that everyone suffers in all times and eras. Rather he is too shy to ask his Lord to remove his hardship, but leaves the matter entirely to Him, certain of His knowledge of the condition and His needlessness of being asked.

And at the moment when Ayyub faced his Lord with such faith and such respectful manners, that moment became the moment of Allah's answer and mercy, and the end of the trial.


Beautiful Makkah


Remember Your Lord (Quran Animation)

Translation: And remember your Lord when you forget (Quran 18:24)


Quran 59:21 on Moving Clouds Animation

Translation: Had We sent down this Quran on a mountain, you would certainly have seen it falling down and splitting asunder, because of the fear of God. We set forth these parables to men so that they may reflect. (Quran 59:21)


Quran 51:18

Translation: And they would often pray for Allah's forgiveness at dawn. (Quran 51:18)


Quran 26:83


Decorative Page from a Book of Quran

Translation: The Gracious Quran


Quran 13:16

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