Sunday, June 9, 2013

► O Allah! I Seek Your Mercy and Other Featured Art & Quotes:

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O Allah! I Seek Your Mercy


For Them Who Have Done Good (Quran 10:26)




O Allah

Translation: O Allah, for You is praise.


Abdulbary Yahya

"There is no u-turn in the grave so turn to Allah now." —Abdulbary Yahya


Call To Me (Quran 40:60)

Translation: Call to Me so that I may respond to you.


Whosoever Puts His Trust in Allah (Quran 65:3)


On That Day

Translation: And on that Day We shall place hell, for all to see, before those who denied the truth--those whose eyes had been veiled against any remembrance of Me because they could not bear to listen [to the voice of truth]! (Quran 18:100-101)


Argumentative Humanity

Translation: THUS, INDEED, have We given in this Quran many facets to every kind of lesson [designed] for [the benefit of] mankind. However, man is, of all things the most argumentative. (Quran 18:54)


And He Found You Lost and Guided You


Ramadan Dua

Translation: O Allah, let my parents, my relatives and my beloved ones reach Ramadan with no tiredness and no worries.


Salah = Balanced Life

Translation: You can't have a balanced life until you mend your salah.



Translation: Astaghfirullah: I pray to Allah for forgiveness.



Translation: SubhanAllah: Utterly Pure is Allah of all defects and shortcomings.


Allah is enough


Quran 65:7

Translation: Allah will create, after hardship, ease. (Quran 65:7)

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