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Online - Dr. Travis Stork wants to help you eat, drink and be skinny!

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From Travis Stork, MD Host of The Doctors
Losing weight is much simpler when you discover the easiest choices with the biggest possible results. My medically proven 'little’ secrets can take you from fat belly to FLAT BELLY!
Dear Online,

Have you had "bad luck" with weight loss? I can assure you that what you've been suffering from isn't bad luck; it's bad advice about how to flatten your belly.

Dr. Travis Stork sees women who suffer from being overweight — from his emergency room patients to his guests on The Doctors. The more he learned from their struggles, the better he understood what medical research has now confirmed.

“Yes, YOU can! Lose up to 15 pounds in just 4 weeks with my Lean Belly Prescription.” —Travis Stork, MD
Your lasting weight loss success won't come from drastic changes that others want you to make in your life. It's the little things that count — and can add up to huge results!
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No Big Changes
BIG changes, such as extreme diets, expensive gym memberships, and dietary supplements, are a waste of time and money. Big changes don't work because they don't last — they can't last because they disrupt your entire life and drive you crazy with rules and restrictions.
No Wasted Effort
What works are the tiny, everyday habits that constantly help you shed excess weight and stay slim. In The Lean Belly Prescription Exclusive Edition, that's exactly what you'll find — the smart, proven, delicious food choices and fun everyday activities that pinpoint belly fat without drastic change or aggravation. You can turn on tiny little switches like these:

Burn an extra 500 calories per day if you drink this much water at this temperature!

The topping you should add to your frozen yogurt to keep your blood sugar from spiking and triggering more hunger.

How a glass of water and a cup of minestrone soup can cut your hunger — and keep you full for 20% fewer calories.
The one little eating habit that by itself can help you lose up to 20 pounds. No willpower needed!

This type of salad dressing will help slow the absorption of carbs into your bloodstream and even help reduce your cancer risk!

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In The Lean Belly Prescription Exclusive Edition, you'll discover amazing recipes, shopping lists, ideas for quick-cooking meals, and delicious smart food choices — but no strict diet. Enjoy scrumptious, easy-to-cook foods like:

Delicious London Broil!

Cheesy, gooey Fettuccine Parmesan with Chicken

Thick, juicy London Broil with a spectacular coffee-based sauce that also boosts metabolism

Pesto Flatbread Pizza that cooks up in 7 minutes

Travis's own Teriyaki Chicken that tastes twice as good as takeout and saves you a ton of calories

Spike your fat-burning metabolism by 23% with 1 Tbsp of this fresh veggie

No Workouts
You'll find suggestions for movement and activities that burn calories as well as an assortment of easy exercises you can try — but no mandatory workout regimens. Easy, gentle fat burners like:

Games to play with your kids to burn up to 240 calories

A movable feast to drop your weight: how a picnic outing can result in burning off major calories

How simply standing up at these crucial times can burn off thousands of calories per year!
Activities that burn calories!
Every part of The Lean Belly Prescription Exclusive Edition eases you into tiny changes that help you flatten your belly without feeling hungry or tired. Every food tip and everyday weight loss activity takes you closer to your ideal weight and supercharges your energy, sex life, and total health, one tiny change at a time. They all add up to a slimmer, leaner you!
Lose up to 15 lbs in 4 weeks! No luck required.
The smart changes you'll find in The Lean Belly Prescription Exclusive Edition will be so small and inconspicuous, your family and friends may not even notice. What everyone will notice is the results — up to 15 pounds in 4 weeks! You can tell them your secret — or just say you finally "got lucky" with weight loss.
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BONUS FAT-BURNING INFO: The Lean Belly Prescription Exclusive Edition has a BONUS CHAPTER, "Walk Off the Weight." It's the only place you'll find Dr. Stork's special tips for using walking to take off body fat and flatten your belly from day one. You'll even discover how you can lose 5 times as much weight just by walking!

This book is so good that it's made the New York Times bestseller list. And this publisher's edition is even BETTER — with great fat-burning tips you just can't get anywhere else!

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Olivia Taylor
Women's Health
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