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Outlook Express Tips You Can Use: Back Up and Restore Your Data

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Back Up and Restore Your Data
Heinz Tschabitscher
From Heinz Tschabitscher, your Guide to Email
I was a member of the "sure, backups are nice, but..." camp, too -- not a proud member, but a lazy one.
Then I had to transfer my emails, my address book, filters and what not from one computer to another and found out how relatively simple that was.
Now I'm still lazy, but my Outlook Express data is backed regularly with a batch file that automates the process. Find out how you can secure your important messages, too.
Next week: more cool Outlook Express tricks.
Back It Up...
Back Up or Copy Mail Files
Create copies of all your emails in a rush.
Trusting your computer is good, but regular backups are much better. They help you avoid losing any of your important emails. Here's how to create a backup copy of all your Outlook Express folders and messages easily.

Back Up or Copy Individual Messages
For the super-important messages.
Backing up your precious emails individually is a drag and drop activity in Outlook Express.

Back Up or Copy Your Address Book
Contacts are everything.
Make sure you never lose your important Outlook Express contacts.

Back Up or Copy Your Mail Rules
So you don't have to start from scratch.
Save a backup copy of your Outlook Express mail filters, or transfer them to a different computer.

Back Up Your Mail Files Automatically
Schedule and forget.
Never forget to back up your emails again! This simple, but effective batch file will copy all your Outlook Express folders and messages comfortably, and you can schedule it to do it automatically.

Bring It Back
Restore Mail Folders from a Backup Copy
Like Phoenix from the ashes.
Import your folders and messages from a backup copy in Outlook Express.

Restore or Import Address Book Data
Re-establish contact.
Restore the Outlook Express address book from your backup copy (and restore old friendships, too).

Import or Restore Mail Rules
Rules are rules, and the rules are back.
Get all your fine Outlook Express mail filters back.

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