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Outlook Express Tips You Can Use: More Cool Outlook Express Tricks

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More Cool Outlook Express Tricks
Heinz Tschabitscher
From Heinz Tschabitscher, your Guide to Email
By now, you're a veritable Outlook Express expert. No spam can haunt you, you've got a backup of all your messages, and you're composing great emails.
Time for some fun. Let's set up a mailing list, for example, or change the Outlook Express window title.
This is not only the least organized lesson in this course, it is also the last. Does that mean it's over? Yes. And no, of course not:
If you've missed a lesson, you can have any sent to you individually. And there's always a wealth of Outlook Express tips (much more than fit in this short course) on the site.
Smart Sending
Create a Mailing List
Distribute your message.
Setting up a mailing list in Outlook Express is easy.

Add Bcc Recipients
Copy in silence.
Send blind carbon copies of your email messages with Outlook Express. The regular recipients won't know that the Bcc recipients got a copy as well.

Create a Business Card (vCard)
Your vCard is none of my business.
Outlook Express can collect all your contact information in one place: a vCard.

Request Read Receipt for a Message
Know your message arrived.
Ask Outlook Express to ask for you to be notified when the recipient opens your message.

Inbox Inspiration
Delete a Message Bypassing the Trash
Show them the door.
There's the door! (And woe to you if I find you in the Outlook Express trash instead...) — Here's how to purge mail immediately in Outlook Express, bypassing the "Trash" folder.

Edit the Subject of a Received Email
Make your Inbox more useful.
The Subject of a received email can be subject to change in Outlook Express: give incoming emails the meaningful Subject line you want and wish the sender had used.

Save an Embedded Image
Get the picture.
Save inline images from emails and newsletters with Outlook Express.

Window Wildcard
Change the Outlook Express Window Title
I call mine "Perizade".
Outlook Express by any other name... Customize the window title and give Outlook Express any name you like.

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