Tuesday, May 28, 2013

About Today: Why Grammer is Important

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From Bob Schulties, your About Today Editor
As you know, I'm a prfessional writer of this newsletter, and to, keep it professional I make sure my grammer is teh best it can be.

What is Grammar?
First of all, gramm... it ends with ar? Really? Ar, ar, ar, ar. OK, I got it now. Grammar. What is it?
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Why Does Grammar Matter?
One of the reason grammar matters is because proper grammar adds clarity. If my biographer wrote this: Bob enjoys cooking, his family, and his cat, you'd think I was a pretty normal guy. But if was written this way: Bob enjoys cooking his family and his cat, you'd think I was a bit troubled. And, face it, a far more interesting person. The value of grammar.
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Do You Know the Eight Parts of Speech?
Wait, wait, don't tell me. Sleepy, Grumpy, Anxiety-ridden, Tardy... what are the others? Why am I so dopey? What are the parts of speech again?
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A TV Guide to Grammar and Usage
There's nothing better than when the TV throws a little smarts at you. This way, when Mrs. Bob asks why I stayed up to 1am, I can say, "Studyin'!"
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