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Healing Herbs to Know, Grow and Use

From the experts at Organic Gardening
Boost Your Health with Nature's Most Potent Healing Herbs Your Grow Yourself!
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For centuries, people have been growing their own medicinal herbs to ease aches and pains, sleep better, clear up infections, soothe skin ailments, and more.

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Now, two leading herbal healing experts reveal their secrets to growing and using the most powerful healing herbs .known today.

In Grow It, Heal It, Christopher Hobbs and Leslie Gardner show you exactly which herbs pack the most healing punch, how to grow them to the peak of potency, and how to make simple and effective herbal medicine at home with time-tested recipes and instructions.

If you can boil water, use a grater, and mix a few ingredients, you're ready to start healing yourself with fresh, natural herbs!

In all, Grow It, Heal It gives you step-by-step instructions for growing 50 healing herbs right in your own garden or on your patio or windowsill. You'll discover exactly how to select the RIGHT plants and herbs for your medicinal needs, the best ways to grow more bountiful plants, and how to make healing remedies to:

Soothe that annoying cough with easy herbal tea recipes and syrups you make yourself.
•   Soothe that annoying cough with easy herbal tea recipes and syrups you make yourself. One particularly potent herb thrives in a sunny, cool, dry garden location. Page 56

•   Relieve troubling headaches and tame your tummy troubles with the mood- boosting herb that's also the perfect addition to any dessert! Page 50

•   Ease sunburn, muscle strains, and irritating rashes with herbal salves and creams made from the herb that adorns your yard with bright orange flowers! Page 20

•   Reduce allergy symptoms and battle colds and the flu with a popular cooking herb! Check page 90 to choose the best variety—there are more than 350 species worldwide!

•   Help maintain healthy blood sugar with an ancient plant that also speeds up the healing process for burns and wounds. Page 3
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Master Easy Herbal Gardening Tips!
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No room for a garden? A deck, porch, or sunny kitchen windowsill will do. An herb garden doesn't need to be large to produce bounty to last a whole year.

Pick the perfect soil for optimum growth! Turn to page 108 to discover which herbs will thrive in your garden.

Mix the most balanced soil for container growing! Plants have different nutrient and moisture needs. Page 119 has the easiest soil blends for creating the most abundant potted garden!

Provide the best growing conditions for your herbs! Page 136 breaks down each herb by soil preference, water needs, and life cycle.

Best of all, by raising herbs yourself—even if you only grow a single plant—you'll have a ready source of organic and healthy medicine for healing.

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Plant, Grow, and Enjoy Herbal Remedies from Your Own Garden!
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