Friday, June 21, 2013

About Digital Music: Sony Cuts Subscription to its Music Unlimited

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From Mark Harris, your Guide to Digital Music

In this week's edition of the Digital Music newsletter:

  • Sony Cuts Music Unlimited Premium Subscription.
  • YouTube Vids Incompatible With Your Portable? Try MP4!
  • Free CD/DVD Cover Design Software.
  • How to Create an Audiobook in iTunes From MP3s.

Sony Cuts Music Unlimited Premium Subscription

Sony has announced that for a limited time, PlayStation Plus members will be able to get an annual Premium subscription to its Music Unlimited streaming service for $41.99 -- this is 65 percent lower than usual and equates to just $3.50 a month for an all-you-can-eat music service. Even if you're not a PlayStation Plus member, the electronics giant is also offering non-members a discount... Read more

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YouTube Vids Incompatible With Your Portable? Try MP4!

Watching music videos on your portable can be just as important as listening to a digital music library. Online video sites such as YouTube, VEVO, MUZU.TV, and others are great digital music resources that you can use to watch and listen to millions of songs. However, these music videos can come in the FLV format which aren't always compatible with smartphones, tablets, PMPs, and... Read more

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Free CD/DVD Cover Design Software

Do you want to design your own CD or DVD covers? If you are looking for free software to design and print CD/DVD covers, jewel case inserts, and even booklets, then this list of free software will show you some of the best software on the Internet. Read more

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How to Create an Audiobook in iTunes From MP3s

To find out how to merge several MP3 files into a single audiobook, follow this handy iTunes tutorial. Read more

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