Friday, June 21, 2013

About Home Theater: All About Digital Media File Formats

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From Robert Silva, your Guide to Home Theater
Welcome to the Weekend Edition of the Home Theater Newsletter! Confused by all those weird sounding file names? Find out what they are and how to use them. Also, check out a short video presentation on what advanced features are available on many of today's home theater receivers. In addition, Logitech has decided not to discontinue Harmony Remotes.

All About Digital Media File Formats
In the analog days things were simplier in audio and video. All we had to know was the difference between VHS and Beta, or a CD, cassette tape, and vinyl record, but now, in the digital world, we have to know terms like MP3, AAC, MKV, DivX, JPG, TIFF, etc... All these acronyms represent digital media file formats, and can seem very confusing. However, it is necessary to become familiar with them in order to make sure that the file formats that you want to play on your Network Media Player, Media Streamer, or other network connected TV and home theater system are compatible with those devices. For all the details, read our article Digital Media File Basics.
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CEA Demo Days to Spotlight Latest TV and Audio Tech
Going into your local consumer electronics retailer to purchase a TV, home theater receiver, Blu-ray Disc player, or other home theater product can often times be an intimidating experience. The sales people throw out a bunch of terms, hoping you will be so impressed that you will buy the product they are pitching. As a result, consumers don't always make the right choices. In an effort to make the shopping experience easier, the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association), along with several manufacturers, and a host of local independent dealers...sponsor periodic Demo Days. This year...Read more
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Advanced Features on AV Receivers - Home Theater Video Tip
An AV or Home Theater Receiver is definitely necessary for accessing surround sound for a home theater setup, but did you know that many receivers can process video and a growing number can be used to stream content from the internet or your PC? For all the details, watch the following video in our Home Theater Video Tip Series: Advanced Functions to Consider When Buying an AV Receiver.

Logitech Decides to Retain Harmony Remote Product Line
Earlier this year, Logitech caused quite a stir with the announcement that it was going to divest itself of its Harmony Remote Control division. However, whether they couldn't find a suitable buyer, or just rechecked the financial numbers, Logitech has now apparently reversed course and is keeping Harmony under the Logitech umbrella - at least for the foreseeable future. Coupled with the "harmonious" news...Read more.


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