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About Email: Zoho Mail - Dropbox Attachments and Folder Statistics

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Zoho Mail - Dropbox Attachments and Folder Statistics

Zoho Mail - Free Email ServiceDropbox lets you take files easily just about anywhere — say, Zoho Mail. Now working with the storage service, Zoho Mail lets you attach files from Dropbox directly and can save files you have received by email to your Dropbox, too.
Also new recently to Zoho Mail is more detailed information about folders readily available — including emails with attachments, storage, labels, filters, and more. (How folders and messages are archived and restored has changed a tad, too.)
›› Zoho Mail is a solid email service with ample storage, POP and IMAP access, some integration with instant messaging and online office suites.

How to Access in Postbox

In late Mai 1969, three men flew to the moon. They circled around it for a day, then two of them descended in a little spacecraft called "lunar module". Some 9 miles shy of the surface, the two turned around and returned, with their third companion, to the earth.
Thomas P. Stafford, John W. Young and Eugene Cernan had performed the dress rehearsal for Apollo 11. It is possible, they had shown, to get to the moon, almost land, and come back safely. Want emails from to get to your desktop and land in Postbox? Lets give it a try and dress rehearsal:
›› As a backup or for convenience, here's how to set up an account in Postbox.

Send Email From an Alternate Address in Gmail for iOS

A "plastic key-holder"?
That seems to be a hollow piece of plastic shaped like a credit card into which you can slide spare keys and put the whole shebang in a wallet. Yes, I don't... either.
Now, is that plastic key-holder not the perfect alternative to the "cold drink insulator" otherwise offered as a gift to University of Louisville psychology students in an early 1990s study? It's almost as good, I think, as is an alternative sending address in early 2010s Gmail for iOS:
›› Send messages from all the addresses you receive at Gmail on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch — and more.

From the Archive: Print Mail Automatically in Outlook
ETAOIN SHRDLU: what's peculiar about these letters?
They make no sense; right. And? They are the most common letters in English; exactly!
This is, incidentally, also the little sense left in them: when newspapers were set on the Linotype, the operator typed on a keyboard that had letters arranged by frequency. The occasional error was impossible to avoid even for these magnificent typists, and they ran their fingers down the keyboard quickly to fill the line, then throw out the slug. Sometimes, however, famous "ETAOIN SHRDLU CMFWYP" nonsense made it to the printer, the newsstand, and the reader.
We're not going to print "ETAOIN SHRDLU" — or any other nonsense — with Outlook, of course, even if we have it operate the printer on its own:
›› Have Outlook send messages to the printer as they arrive. You can set up filtering criteria to print only certain messages, too.


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