Wednesday, June 12, 2013

About Online Business / Hosting: How to Improve Social Media ROI

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From Bryan Haines, your Guide to Online Business / Hosting
With so much time being spent on social media, at some point we should ask: "What is the ROI on my time in social media?". This week we are discussing just that. Learn how to improve social media ROI and effectiveness.

Improving Social Media ROI With Gate6
Manish Mamnani is founder of Gate6 an online media agency and he recently took a few minutes with me to discuss social media roi. Learn more about... Read more

How to Get Started With Social Media Marketing
Dave Kerpen is the best selling author of Likeable Social Media and co-founder and CEO of Likeable Media. Dave recently took a few minutes to share some advice on getting started in social media. Read more
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How to Generate Revenue with Social Media Promotions
Jason Falls is a well-renowned social media marketing expert having previously worked with brands such as Maker's Mark, AT&T and Humana and is the founder of In this feature interview, Jason explains how to generate revenue with social media promotions... Read more

What is Social Media Optimization?
Kari Rippetoe is a social media expert and in this interview she explains what social media optimization is, and how to properly optimize your social media accounts for business... Read more


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