Friday, June 14, 2013

About Today: Celebrating All Things D!

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From Bob Schulties, your About Today Editor
My hope for this Father's Day is to slow the day down long enough so I can remember my kids being little. They're doing an awfully good job of growing up.

Ways to Honor a Deceased Dad
Whether you visit the grave to clear off the dirt and leaves, lift a glass in memory, or sit some folks down to share a story about your old man, how you honor your dad is up to you.
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No Money for Gifts?
According to the Book of Dadding, Chapter 6 (Gifts), section 1, it clearly states "No gifts given to Dad. Use extreme vaguery if asked about wants." But, truth be told, make the Ferrari red and we'll overlook the rule. If money is a little tighter, we have some ideas.

Time for a Dad-B-Q
OK, I do want one thing: I want a meal that we eat with our hands. I want to have sticky fingers, sticky table, the works. The end goal is to have a rib totally stuck on LittleBob's face. Let's get sticky!
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Questions to Ask Your Dad
When I'm hanging out with a friend and his/her dad, I always ask about the dad's first car. The stories are always entertaining, and ones my friend has never heard before.


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