Friday, June 14, 2013

► Prophet Muhammad ﷺ as Quoted in the Quran and Other Featured Art & Quotes:

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Prophet Muhammad ﷺ as Quoted in the Quran


Gardens of Eden (Quran 18:31 – Surat al-Kahf)

Translation: There will be gardens of Eden for them, with rivers flowing by, where they will be decked in bracelets of gold, with silken robes of green and of brocades to wear, reclining on couches. How excellent the reward, and excellent the resting-place! (Quran 18:31)


Abdulbary Yahya

"Do not look to trials and tribulations as calamities, but look to them as opportunities to be stronger as you emerge from them with less sins, more reward, higher status, and an increase in experience and wisdom." —Abdulbary Yahya


Calligraphy of Quran 33:56

Translation: Indeed Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet; O People who Believe! Send blessings and abundant salutations upon him. (Everlasting peace and unlimited blessings be upon the Prophet.) (Quran 33:56)


Prophet Muhammad ﷺ


Quran 45:15




Quran 17:15 – Surat al-Isra


Abdulbary Yahya

"Don't overestimate your piety, the only way you will be protected from sin is by the help of Allah." —Abdulbary Yahya


Abdulbary Yahya

"If you fail to earn the mercy of Allah then whatever else you earn will be of no avail to you." —Abdulbary Yahya


The Quran

Translation: The Quran gives you by the amount that you give to it, and opens itself to you every time with epiphanies and revelations by the same amount that you open yourself to it, and every time it appears new, as if you are receiving it (from Allah) at that moment. ~ Fi Dhilal al-Quran


Leaf from 14th Century Quran in Maghribi Script

Translation: All mankind were once but one single community, and only later did they begin to hold divergent views. And had it not been for a decree- that had already gone forth from thy Sustainer, all their differences would indeed have been settled [from the outset]. (Quran 10:19)


Muezzin (Haiderkhana Mosque, Baghdad, Iraq, 1932)


Quran 12:64 Calligraphy

Translation: ["Shall I trust you with him in the same way as I trusted you with his brother before?] [Nay,] but God's guardianship is better [than yours], for He is the most merciful of the merciful!"


Juma Mubarak Calligraphy

Translation: Have a blessed Friday.


Prophet Muhammad on the Heart


Indeed in the body there is a lump of flesh, if it is good, the entire body will be good, and if it is corrupted, the entire body becomes corrupted, and that is the heart.

Sahih Muslim


Quran 46:33 – Surat al-Ahqaf


Repentance and Purity Prayer (Animation)

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