Monday, June 24, 2013

About Xbox Games: Microsoft Has Listened - No DRM on Xbox One Games

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Microsoft Has Listened - No DRM on Xbox One Games
It has been brutal for Microsoft the last month or so. Mostly because of the DRM MS wanted to use in the Xbox One. Microsoft has listened to... Read more

Microsoft's Privacy Policies for Xbox One and Kinect
One of the laundry list of problems Microsoft is having with the Xbox One is trying to convince people it isn't planning on going all cartoonish villain on us and... Read more

Xbox One Games List
Now that the DRM mess is cleaned up, we can focus on the important stuff on Xbox One - the games. We have a list of announced Xbox One games here ... Read more
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Top Picks for Xbox and Xbox 360 Games
Here you will find Top Picks lists for Xbox and Xbox 360 games so you can easily find out what games are the best of the best.


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