Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Clean Out Your Arteries with Apple Cider Vinegar!

300 top MDs reveal heal-it-yourself home remedies 300 top MDs reveal heal-it-yourself home remedies
Doctors reveal their most amazing heal-it-yourself home remedies! Doctors reveal their most amazing heal-it-yourself home remedies!
More than 1,000 amazing home remedies, 160 health problems covered, 300 doctors and experts reveal their favorite non-drug solutions! Doctors reveal their most amazing heal-it-yourself home remedies!
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When you can't run to the doctor ...
When you don't want to take a drug ...
When you need immediate relief for a pain or health problem ...

Reach for one of more than 1,000 "doctors' and experts' favorite" non-drug remedies in the big, best-selling book Alternative Cures — from the health experts at Prevention magazine.

With these amazing home remedies within easy reach, you'll be able to outwit any health problem that comes your way. For example:
  Discover safe, natural pain relievers. These alternative remedies can be just as effective as prescription drugs in controlling chronic pain, says Dr. B. page 155  
  "Health nuts" that beat cholesterol! Smart, easy way to "munch" your cholesterol back to normal. page 360  
  Smart posture heals back pain relieves pressure on your lower back and corrects the tension in your muscles automatically. page 69  
Herbal oil relieves tension headaches
Herbal oil relieves tension headaches. Rub it in to relieve pain "just as effectively as taking ibuprofen," says Dr. R. page 315  
Foods that lower blood pressure without drugs. People who were taking blood pressure medications were able to get off the drugs just by eating these foods (listed on page 353).  
Healing mist clears bronchitis faster. Dr. D.'s home remedy can shorten the healing time — and your suffering — considerably without drugs. page 116  
Kitchen cabinet cure stops toothache. "It's the best alternative home remedy for killing the pain," says Dr. H., a renowned holistic dentist. page 577  
Toothpaste trick numbs the itch of poison ivy.
PLUS: Block the blistering with a paste made from vitamin C powder and water. page 492
No matter if your problems are small or big, you'll now have the most amazing, successful instant home remedies you've ever seen to help solve 160 specific conditions — from warts, poison ivy, and ear wax to allergies, arthritis, back pain, gum disease, memory loss, excess weight, and more.

More Than 1,000 Home Remedies
That Really Work!

In Alternative Cures, 300 of America's top doctors and health care experts bring you their favorite, most trusted home remedies. These are the ones they recommend to family and friends ... to their patients ... and to each other.

And now, you can sample all of them FREE for 21 days, with no obligation to buy a thing.
Alternative Cures puts powerful healers at your fingertips!
Dr. Q.'s VINEGAR CURE Artery Plaque Dissolver
Helps dissolve the plaque already built up in your arteries that can cause a heart attack or stroke.
Dr. Q.'s VINEGAR CURE Artery Plaque Dissolver
T.'s INSTANT Arthritis Stopper
She rubbed the oil on ... and for the first time in 30 years, her pain went away!
Dr. L.'s POWERFUL Osteoporosis Reverser
Nonprescription cream actually helps reverses this cruel condition by restoring bone mass. Amazing results!
Dr. S.'s NON-DRUG CURE Cholesterol Slasher
"I have dramatically reduced LDL cholesterol and increased HDL cholesterol with just this one herb," says Dr. S.
Dr. B.'s REMARKABLE Memory Restorer
This nutrient can help improve memory.
Dr. L.'s INCREDIBLE Wrinkle Smoother
These facial massages reverse wrinkles so you'll look younger.
More than 1,000 ingenious home remedies from America's top doctors and health care experts
Sample them all FREE for 21 days! Click here!
Just click here for more details and easy ordering instructions!
To your better health,
Kelly Jennings
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