Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Get Jack'd Up with the NEW 30 Days to Ripped Workout!

From the experts at Men's Health
June 12, 2013
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Are you a victim of
movement overload?

When you do the same workout every day, even every other day, your body — and your brain — can adapt and predict your next move. It becomes overused and overloaded. Your body stops responding, stops building muscle, stays small, and puts you at risk for injury. With the new 30 Days to RIPPED program, you will increase your gains and reduce the pains, never letting your muscles get bored!


Carve the Body You Want in Just 30 Days.

Hammer Out Bigger, Badder ARMS
Flatten and Chisel Your 6-PACK
Erect Massive SHOULDERS

Spartacus Workout co-creator and world-renowned performance coach David Jack designed and developed the progressive 4-week plan in 30 Days to RIPPED, so you gain more strength overall in your body. You'll keep your body guessing with the routines, forcing it to respond better to the stimulus and build quality muscles in half the time you used to spend on your workouts. 30 Days to RIPPED also amps up your metabolic response, burning more calories during and after every workout for maximum fat loss! In 30 days, you'll quickly chisel a head-to-toe rock-solid specimen.

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30 Days to RIPPED exercises are customized to build total body strength, endurance, and power with the right blend of circuits, cardio, and supersets. You'll be more flexible and more fit, and you'll have more lean muscle. Get the Triple-Threat Training Plan that delivers results in 30 days!
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"By forcing your body to work in different ways using the 30 Days to RIPPED program, you are building endurance and quality strength and keeping your brain guessing. You will get stronger faster!"

—David Jack

Try every workout
FREE for 30 days!
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